• Ultimate 45 (45mm)

    £25.00 - £26.50 /
    The 'Ultimate 45’. Our most premium artificial grass. At a luxurious 45mm pile height this grass is sure to both look and feel the finest of quality all year round. With 'S Shape’ as well as two ‘wave’ types, this grass is engineered to have a superior Springback action. It’s TriColour design also gives the most natural of looks.
  • Savoy (35mm)

    £21.50 - £23.00 /
    Our Savoy artificial grass lives up to its name! With a thick pile and spring back action, this grass certainly has a luxurious feel whilst maintaining a natural look.
  • Soft Savoy (35mm)

    £18.00 - £19.50 /
    Our Blenheim artificial grass has the shortest pile height in our range, for a well-kept look. It’s tri-coloured for that natural look with spring back action.
  • Hampton (35mm)

    £21.50 - £23.00 /
    Keep your garden green all year round with our Hampton artificial grass. This is the ideal grass to create the show garden look of your dreams.

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